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Paulo T. is a professional, internationally published photographer. Highly motivated, he has collaborated with renowned and award winning artists. Drive from his passion allows him to create photographic art that stimulates the eye and captivates the mind. It displays his intuitive ability to capture ''the moment'', allowing the exhibition of energy and emotion at the height of release and expression.

Paulo T. is also the Co-Founder / Chief Photographer of Cadets Photography; professional action shots of the 10-Time World Champions, The Cadets.

Continually evolving and applying new techniques, Paulo T. pushes the limits of traditional photography. His future goals are set high; he aspires to be recognized and respected as a top international photographer and artist.
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Meet Chico, our newest addition to the family! He’s just 8 weeks ago, weighing a little over a pound!

Who wants to Model for me in front of this tree? Must happen SOON! Looking for interesting looks that contrast the foliage.
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Forgot about this one:
Shadow Dots

Leaves are changing.

Perfect Weather for Outside Portraits.

Morning Birds

One of the many reasons why I love the Summers.. Camping! #200feetfromthecar

Such a great camping trip this weekend! #200feetfromthecar

Quick trip, but had a great time! #200feetfromthecar

DANCING EARTH featuring Sina Soul

Julie Brette Adams

Emily & Alice Dancing it Up!

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